Who am I?

Who am I? I ask myself that question all the time….on the daily. I know that I am passionate about my love of Black (the race that is) my love of writing, my love of family super love that. My love of self which is been the hardest task, and last but not last my love of God and his infinite power and supreme-ness! (DOPE on all Levels).

I feel myself a lot (take it how you want) I am in constant search of me and all my Dopeness which I believe I have a lot! I contradict myself at least once a week, and I even disagree with myself from time to time. The old me disagrees with the enlightened me. I consider myself as “WOKE” but still have some crust in my eyes. I don’t always see things clearly. I love my black people, yet they work my last to the last nerve! Black lives matter, but I need it to matter more to a lot of our young brothers and sisters. I like to occasionally drink, but I don’t do it very often due to the fact that I had an alcoholic parent and well it wasn’t fun. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that parent with my whole being and missed them dearly, however that habit was hard on the family growing up. Not to mention I already have a habit of my own I cannot afford another one.

Speaking of habits, I love to eat!! I eat when I’m happy, when I’m sad I eat, When I’m bored I eat, When I’m not bored I eat. I love food it is a space filler for me. If I smell it I want to devour it! However I don’t like to cook, very often. Wow imagine that a fat girl who does not like to cook. Oh yeah I’m fat or as they say BBW which I am saying that because in all of my fatness, I’m fucking FINE AS HELL!!! This leads me to my potty ass mouth! I curse so much it is f’ing ridiculous!!! My mouth is well,…………….shit it’s MY MOUTH!!! Belongs to me, and I get to say whatever the FUCK I wanna; within reason. I’m a Christian and I don’t always feel that my mouth goes along with my belief (the struggle is real y’all) Any who, this is about what my blog is gonna be about me my life, my issues with myself as well as others. Sometimes I will make you laugh until you cry, or make you cry until you can’t cry anymore. I love me, and I’m learning to love me more each day.

For now,

Cool AKB

(AKB Unified)



Author: AKB

I'm a dreamer, a doer, a giver, a writer, and blessed to bless others!!!

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