If given the opportunity to tell the truth, would you still lie?

A week ago I watched a parent give their child the opportunity to tell the truth about something they did. See her child had a person of the opposite sex in the house while she wasn’t home, and well you guessed it they had relations in the house. Now she actually had proof hard evidence that the act had occurred but she asked and well the child denied that they even had company over let along did the deed in her home. My girlfriend went on to talk to her child about responsibility, making sure they are mature enough to handle the emotions that come with having sex., not to cheapen it by doing it in a car if you can’t get a hotel room and so on and so forth.

Then she went on to say (which nearly made my eyes pop out of my head) I would kind of understand why you would if you did, why you would choose to have sex in my home. I had to see where she was going with this, because I was completely lost. She went on to explain how she knew how much her child really cared for their “special friend” and how long they had been dating and understood how their relationship would be ready for the next level. My girlfriend then went on to explain how by them being under age they would not be able to actually get a room and that their only place would be either her home or the friend’s home.  She finished with so if this were to happen I would want you to let me know so I don’t have to find out from a nosy neighbor or worse walk in on it. So if it happens or there’s a possibility of it happening please tell me. She was so calm and understanding I felt like I was watching an after-school special or even better……..OPRAH!


Her child listened and then spoke. “thanks Mom I appreciate that….” at this point I just knew this kid would admit it so I perked up and then the little sucker said”…..but I told you I plan on keeping my awesomeness until I get married. I have a great future ahead of me and I’m way too irresponsible to take a chance like that.” WTF!!!!! This kid had the chance to fess up and you blew it!!!!! Why kid why? A few days later my girlfriend finally gave her child the proof and then and only then did the stupid child confessed.

I don’t get it, why if given the opportunity to tell the truth, why do you still lie? Now don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend was FURIOUS when she first found out about the activity that had occurred in her home. However, she was willing to pardon the kid with just a simple misdemeanor charge give a good lecture, maybe a punishment of some sort,but maybe not. Due to the fact that the child decided to forsake a plea bargain and plead guilty, they decided to just risk it. Now the punishment has been given equivalent to 30 years (having to  go to their grandparents house EVERYDAY and do ALL the chores there until they graduate leave her home)  Harsh? Maybe, but if given the opportunity to tell the truth, yeah their might be some consequences but it could be a whole lot worse if you delay it and it is brought to you with all evidence in hand. Just forgo your pride deal with the consequence and…………….TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!


Author: AKB

I'm a dreamer, a doer, a giver, a writer, and blessed to bless others!!!

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