When you’re the only one

I CAN”T STAND HER! (My nemesis whom I can’t stay away from)

I am sitting here listening to the audio book about say yes and am completely and utterly disgusted…………..and interested at the same time!!! Here I’ll explain. You see there is this woman whom I detest, yet am intrigued with, I will not divulge her name just because, well…..I just don’t want to give her name, besides before you finish reading this you will have already figured it, er I mean figured who she is. Everyone loves her; she is a writer, producer, author, mother, production company owner, woman of color, and certified “Bad Ass” and I HATE HER!!! She fricken owns Thursday nights on a major network, and when her t.v. shows come on, you better not say a word or even breath too hard or tons for women will give you the ultimate evil eye!!! I have to say once upon a time I was a faithful watcher of two of her shows, however the more I found out about her the more I loathed her. I began to realize that this disdain for was beginning to increase more and more; it was official I didn’t just dislike her; I HATED HER!!

Now when I say hate, (such a strong word) I don’t mean the antonym of love. NO! I mean in the same sense of the synonym of Jealousy; yes that’s right you guessed it; I am a bonafide hater!!! Oh but it is for good reason…………..Bitch stole my life!!!   Okay so I’m listening to her book on audio about how she decided that she would begin to say yes to things or people and I’m thinking whoa I totally get this, I totally get what her struggle was. It is so easy to stay in your caccoon and be within your comfort zone. However if you are a person who is involved in some mega great work as she is, you must get out and enjoy life. She and I hail from the same city, (by way of the ‘burbs) and we are the same age. She is a writer and so am I. Our only difference is she followed our dreams and I didn’t it! Listening to her I felt as though she was spying on my life and I even began to feel a little violated.With all that we share or have in common, it had become quite obvious that she stole my life.

Alright I guess it is not fair that I hate her for pursuing her dreams and I didn’t pursue mine. I suppose I could begin to pursue my own dreams and aspirations, and maybe just maybe when we meet, we will hash out our grievances and then we will become best friends and have tea with our other besties Michele O. and O. Winfrey. Until then I shall continue my disdain from a distance…………..unless I take her master class; Oh great now just add teacher to her list of things we share. Great just GREAT!


Author: AKB

I'm a dreamer, a doer, a giver, a writer, and blessed to bless others!!!

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